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Be a Partner/Sponsor/Promoter and host our activities within your own program. Create a framework and an enabling environment for blindness prevention activities in your enterprise, company, firm, public service department, school etc.

Indicate to the program coordinator, then Schedule an eye screening activity within your service and communicate this to all the staff concerned.





The Reality

Blindness prevention has a pro-poverty reduction dimension and is also a gender sensitive issue especially when it comes to communities without eye care facilities. It is even acute when members of these communities are farmers who depend on their farming activities for survival.

The implication is that one person who goes blind drags into poverty the dependent others. When this happends in a family/community there is often a shuffling and or accumulation of responsibilities. Women are more often affected than men. The scenario is an untold story familiar to some of us who have had the opportunity of working with such communities.

Overview of Eye Health Program for Underserved Communities in Cameroon

We work closely with communties by providing them with essential eye care services aimed at preventing blindness:

- Eye health education

-  Treatment of minor ailments

- Dispensing of reading and corrective glasses

- Surgery for treatable blinding eye conditions

- Low vision/visual rehabilitation

These and many others occur in the communities through an established community outreach program.

EHPUC is designed to bridge the gab existing between institutional based eye services and communities thereby helping in resolving the problem of fragmented health service provision in these communities.

Let us know what you think about EHPUC -  contact us here.

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