SPVs are professionals in the following specialties:

+Ophthalmologists +Opticians +Ophthalmic nurses +Orthoptists +Ophthalmic sergeons

You can volunteer by visiting and rendering eye care services along with local clinic staff to the communities.


Join the local clinic staff in rendering community eye services, screening for actual and potential/preventable causes of visual impairment in the communities:

Dispensing treatment for treatable minor eye ailments

Dispensing glasses for correctable defective sight/reading

Counseling and referrals for major treatable/operable causes of visual impairment.

This is happening in the communities through community outreach programs. It is happening in shcools through school vision testing programs. It is also done through specially designed programs for certain segments of the society. For example drivers, school teachers, churches, market women, etc.


+Mobilise lenses/frames

+Mobilise eye medications

+Mobilise reading glasses

+Mobilise instruments/equipment

Ciclk here to become a SPV now!



Local Community Volunteer Membership is available for those who reside in communities hosting our activities. Ciclk here to become a LCV now!



These could be specialists or not who wish and can volunteer to render services to the underserved communities through the program. They may resided within or without the region; national or international. They could be Opthalmologists, Optometists, Opthalmic surgeons, Opthalmic clinicians, Opthalmic nurses, Orthoptists, Opticians, Eye care managers, Eye care funders, Refractionists, Students, Researchers, etc. Ciclk here to become a VSO now!



Parliamentarians-politicians, business persons and people who can patronize and promote our services for the sake of the underserved communities for better vision could become Honorary members. Ciclk here to become an HM now!



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